Engineering & Design

iENG’s method of engineering is unique: We begin with the end in mind and we challenge everything. We take time to understand the project we want to deliver. We understand the Owner’s views, use of the building, the Owner’s operation and maintenance capabilities. We look at first cost v. operation cost v. life cycle cost. Every iENG project has a best value, best design--and that’s what we deliver.

BIM & Layout

At iENG, we use our brains, not our backs. BIM layout/3D coordination is our bridge between engineering and construction. Our designers are involved from pre-award, equipment layout, architectural discussions, coordination, to fabrication, modularization, off-site construction, QA/QC, commissioning and start-up.

Construction Management

Our highly skilled Mechanical Construction Managers have completed successful projects across the country. At iENG, we reduce on-site labor through off-site fabrication. We use the latest technologies to simplify installations. We manage local labor to ensure each job is completed as we’ve intended.


Our procurement process is unique to the industry. We utilize an iterative process in which there are several rounds of early design evaluations through final material and equipment procurement, and delivery. This process is weighted heavily on schedule and final quality.


By controlling the schedule, we control the cost. Our schedulers are involved from pre-award through annual maintenance programs. Our schedulers establish the timeline for engineering, design, procurement, coordination, fabrication, installation, commissioning and start-up.

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